How to Replace a Sub-Zero 4204490 Water Filter

How to Replace a Sub-Zero 4204490 Water Filter
How to remove, install, or replace the water filter 4204490 on a Classic series (BI) Sub-Zero



  1. Access the water filter by:
    1. Classic (BI), Professional (PRO3650, PRO4850), or 648PRO models: Pull out on the bottom edge of the grille assembly and tilt the grille frame up.
    2. Designer (IT, IC) Tall and Column models: Open the refrigerator door. At the top of the interior, pull out on the bottom edge of the water filter door panel and rotate up.
    3. UC-15I Undercounter Ice Maker models: Open the door and find the filter on the bottom-left side.
  2.  To remove the old filter cartridge, rotate the cartridge counterclockwise one-quarter turn, and pull it out.
    1. There is water in the filter cartridge, so it is normal for a small amount to spill out.
    2. A jar opener can help provide a better grip for a hard-to-remove filter.
  3. Remove the new filter cartridge from its packaging and carefully remove the plastic cap.
  4. Insert the new filter into the manifold and turn clockwise until the filter is seated.
  5. Reset the Filter Icon
    1. Classic models: After replacing the filter cartridge, press and hold the filter reset button (to the left of the water filter) for 5 seconds to reset the water filter life monitor.
    2. Professional models: After replacing the filter cartridge, touch "Refresh" to reset the life indicator to 100%.
    3. 648PRO models: Once the filter cartridge has been replaced, the control automatically resets. The water filter life monitor, and the "REPLACE FILTER" indicator will no longer appear.
  6.  After the new filter cartridge is installed, discard the first full bucket of ice produced. This will help clean the water system and clear air from the line.

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